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Her Boyfriend Mocks Her Appearance, Then She Writes This Letter To Him On Facebook...

Her Boyfriend Mocks Her Appearance, So She Writes Him An Open Letter On Facebook

Brittaney was in a relationship with someone who pointed out her every flaw. She allowed him to dictate her hairstyle, her makeup, and even her weight. Read how she overcame that relationship & found herself again.

worth, identity in Christ

What defines you?

Worth found in human beings is fleeting. Worth found in Christ lasts forever. Find yours in Him alone.

I don't think the hardships and illnesses anyone is struggling through should be overshadowed by their gender or any opposing problems.

Although this is way more relevant with females, i totally agree. Feminism does not equal hating men!

Como culpar o ventp pela desordem feita se foi eu quem deixei a janela aberta?

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The job is done ;)

I tend to please others more than myself, and im okay with that.Seeing the smile on their face, or hearing them laugh makes everything worthwhile.

I'm putting this on a tshirt

This reminds me of when Castiel was possessed by Lucifer and he was with all the angels in heaven, he said to this one guy, "he who hesitates, *clicks fingers* disintegrates." That's literally what came to my mind,