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Give up by AlexandraSerres

Give up

Give up Watercolor, ink and gesso, 20 inches

Fan Art Stardew. I like his characteristic. If his house is not that far from the farm, he would be the first one I chose to marry with.

Elliot: Stardew Valley by davidmccartney

Serendipity by AlviaAlcedo.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Serendipity by Alvia Alcedo-It's dragon character from Serendipity Stories anime. I couldn't resist and not to draw her. I made her more thin and with bigger fins and tail to give her a bit bird-like vision.

Watercolour tutorial by Siluan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

It's more walk-through my painting process. For constructing the knotworks - as I'm still learning that, I really don't feel entitled to .

life between the pages © dihaze via deviantArt. Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Surreal. ... Copyright law requires that you credit the artist. Pin/Link directly to artist's website. COPYRIGHT LAW: http://pinterest.com/pin/86975836525792650/  REAL LIFE:  http://pinterest.com/pin/86975836525987875/  HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image: http://pinterest.com/pin/86975836525507659/ If you're fair, you care.

Enter the world of reading. Enter the world of books.

Zutara Week: Serendipity by Szikee on DeviantArt

Zutara Week: Serendipity by Szikee

watercloud by koyamori.deviantart.com ... mother nature-like

watercloud by *koyamori deviantART

Ferris Buellers Day Off [80s Poster Series]

Ferris Bueller - poster by Trevor Robertson.

Homestuck FanFiction favourites by KalishRalich on DeviantArt

I gotta say my favorites characters have got to be. Dunno why for gamzee it's just like i wanna give him a hug and say its okay.

Eyes - charcoal by ~Amyshambles on deviantART

Eyes - charcoal by Amyshambles

Random Illustrations by Maja Wrońska (aka takmaj) | the dancing rest

Random Illustrations by Maja Wrońska (aka takmaj)

The Eiffel Tower, Paris Polish artist Maja Wrońska ’s watercolor paintings of famous landmarks are truly something to behold.

Water Tribe Propaganda by ~TheCuraga on deviantART

This one has 3 southern water tribe soldiers in the moonlight. Inspired by Russian propaganda. The text reads something .

Copyright Ashley Erickson 2012 © This is probably my favourite piece to date. I used acrylic on canvas. I painted this for my friends little baby boy. It is going to hang in his nursery . EDIT: fix...

Though I'd need something else coming out of her snout since I never want a butterfly tattoo. And how to do the lightening around her? Just imagine by ~Hidden-Rainbows on deviantART

I love the French Translation.-The little mermaid

La Petite Sirene by BlackCyanide-fr

Reticent Evening

Annie Stegg (1982)

Reticent Evening: Initially created as a companion piece for Tenebrous Empress, Reticent Evening is a depiction of the mysterious twilight hour; The time of day when it is said that creatures of the faerie realm are visible to the human eye.


Beautiful Day in Paradise by Korpinkynsi