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Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziBooth Targa is a addition to the family of #BuzziBooth. It allows you to work together and alone. Photo: BuzziSpace.

BuzziWings – the design duo Couvreur & Devos created these inventive ceiling accessories to divide large spaces both acoustically and optically. Photo: BuzziSpace.

BuzziWings can be attached to your ceiling at a 90-degree angle to modulate light and sound to your tastes and preferences. Photo: BuzziSpace.

Superb transformation of non/illumination – Pharaoh by Lightyears. It emits warm, dazzle-free direct light, which works well above e.g. dinner #tables.

family-changing-room-lighting-detail-design-by-Hirsch-Bedner-Associates-house-and-spa-ideas-concept.jpg (800×1067)

Rosenthal has released a Finnish collection with works by Tapio Wirkkala and Timo Sarpaneva limited to the year 2012: "Suomi" is given its special character by combining white porcelain and metal. (Rosenthal). Design: T. Sarpaneva.

BuzziMe - designer Axel Enthoven came up with a well-thought-out look that perfectly combines functionality and ergonomics for the situation when the going gets tough at work

BENT family of products are made from perforated sheet metal and produced by the Italian manufacturer Moroso. Photo source: S. Diez.

7th Street Residence | Pulltab Design. This reflecting pool functions both as a means to capture water droplets, from the vertical garden wall’s concealed irrigation system, and also allows for the addition of a calming indoor water garden, stocked complete with colorful goldfish.