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This miniature room was done by a master miniaturist! This room took months of hard work & concentration to make.

Mrs. James Ward, Thorne miniature period rooms. "Middletown" Parlor, 1875-90 | The Art Institute of Chicago

Tudor Great Halls - The picture of Mrs. Thorne's “Tudor Great Hall” room box shows what one might look like half-way through the Tudor era. Great halls had undergone dramatic changes since Henry Tudor ascended to the throne as Henry VII kin 1485. It had been the most important room in a castle, but in the Tudor manor house, it would become obsolete.

Mrs. James Ward Thorne American, 1882-1966 A23: Virginia Drawing Room, 1754, c. 1940 Miniature room, mixed media Interior: 12 x 19 5/8 x 22 in. Scale: 1 inch = 1 foot Gift of Mrs. James Ward Thorne, 1942.503