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Largest Turtle Shell ever found

Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle, Carbonemys cofrinii, a 60 billion year old, South American side-necked turtle.

Jaguarundi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi) is a small wildcat native to Central and parts of South America. With their rounded ears, long body and shorter legs, they appear (to me) to look less cat-like than other wildcat species - but none the less beautiful!

tufted deer, Elaphodus cephalophus (2)

The Tufted Deer, Elaphodus cephalophus, is a small species of deer characterized by a prominent tuft of black hair on its forehead and fang-like canines for the males. Deer with effing fangs.

I might just consider getting a pet Lemur in the future!.....Might even name him Julien..... :)

Zoo visitor and photographer Marion G. contributed these pics she took at France's Montpelier Parc Zoo a few days ago. The precocious little Crowned Lemur baby can't seem to get enough of the "paparazzi". Crowned Lemurs are vulnerable to extinction.

Coelacanth (pronouncd 'see-la-canth)   In 1932, Marjorie Courtenay Latimer was a curator of a small museum in East London, South Africa. On December 23rd, she went to visit a friend of hers in order to wish him a merry Christmas. This friend, a local sea Captain, had just returned with a fresh catch. Before leaving, she suddenly noticed something bizarre amongst the caught fish and investigated.

Ten extinct animals that have been rediscovered

Include with Endangered Animals honor. Ten extinct animals that have been rediscovered - Coelacanth