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Slytherin aesthetic

Slytherin Aesthetic -Unknown Source (Couldn't find a large one like the other three very annoyed Slytherin right here.

Always :'(

There are few single word lines that make me want to cry when I read them and there is only one that has resonated with my soul.RIP Snape and Alan Rickman.My favorite character from Harry Potter.

That changed quickly!

Draco Lucius Malfoy - not realizing how tall someone is until they stand.

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"I don't even like app"  "I really love chicken!" Well done Rupet!

Oml just, "I really love chicken" Ladies and gentlemen just another reason that we love Rupert grint😂❤

Draco <3

This reminds me if what Tom Hiddleston said about Loki Every villain believes they are doing what's good, but not all definitions of good are the same. That's the only true way to write a villain or play one. << It is true