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he treats me better than anyone has ever, I really feel his love. He treats me how gentleman should treat his lady, alone and in front of people not just behind closed doors. it's so adorable, I adore him ❤

It's called my dysfunctional family so I stay away from them.-they r my ex-family, yeah, they don't exist-their evil, no backbone-don't admit to anything wrong! They hide behind their religion. Their religion is money, their God wants them to have it, haha.

Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened. I love this Trish.

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Wow! That's all I can say is wow!

Don't Keep Dancing with the devil and wonder why you are still in Hell. -- This is what I needed three years ago and to live every day since then. You don't need closure. You don't need an apology from anyone other than other than from yourself.

Relatable af..I took my own sweet time to accept the truth and when I did it was too late..He'll never be mine..

I miss the sound of your voice, the staccato in your laugh, the Eskimo kisses before you lips met mine, and the way you touched me when I was yours.