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My Dave Ramsey Story - Collab

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Hi guys, A big, massive thank you to Jennifer over at Path to Debt Freedom for organising this collab and to Belinda over at Portrait of a Budgeting Planner .

I like this idea - Make a goal, divide it up and try to save so you are better prepared for next Christmas.

52 Week Christmas Money Saving Challenge ~ Easier to start out with the larger amounts next time maybe! Could even use this for vacation savings

Check out all these collab partners! Notice we are all in different situations, but we are all on the same path to get to the end result of financial freedom.

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Real food meal plan on a budget, clean eating meal plan for a family of 4 for $330. Get inspiration for frugal meals, simple recipes & monthly meal plan.

Simple Meal Plan

This Vegetable Pasta Primavera Recipe with Creamy Cauliflower Sauce is the perfect frugal dinner and is made with any vegetables you have in the kitchen!


The fastest way for me to pay off all of my student loans is to use Dave Ramsey's Zero Based Budget.

Thank you Jennifer from Path To Debt Freedom for inviting me to participate in the "My Dave Ramsey Story" Collaboration!