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What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.

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Cosmic Cleanse

chart of the Ladder: colors, chakras mudras, and soul connection. I forget this, I been away from my meditation A long time.


Maa Kali, or the dark goddess, is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess Durga. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the chest of her husband, Shiva.

Duas pessoas têm vivido em você por toda a sua vida. Uma é o ego, tagarela, exigente, histérico, calculista; a outra é o ser espiritual escondido, cuja silenciosa voz de sabedoria você somente ouviu ou reparou raramente - você revela em si mesmo o seu próprio guia sábio.    Sogyal Rinpoche

Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, the Supreme God, "the Destroyer", or "the…

Sacred Geometry <3

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Experience a richer and deeper you, when you open to all that is within and around you. Be inspired by the tiniest moments when you shift to feel your own essence.

A Visionary Art Explosion at Sonic Bloom Artist: Krystleyez. The message she conveys in her art is the interconnectedness of everything through sacred geometry, balance of masculine and feminine.

Sacred Geometry: The Tree of Life

How Does Angel Metatron Represent Kether (the Crown) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?: In Kabbalah, Archangel Metatron oversees the entire Tree of Life from the top, which is called Kether (the crown).

Third Eye Tapestries - "Kundalini" by Olivia Curry

Third Eye Tapestry - "Kundalini" by Olivia Curry

Third Eye Tapestries - "Kundalini" by Olivia Curry. Evidence based yoga research. Evidence-based qi gong research.