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mama bear

20 Adorable Photos Of Momma Bears Teaching Their Cubs The Bear Necessities Of Life.

this grizzly mamma ADORES her baby! look at that face, just lit up at the wonder of it all!

🐻 Proud Mama - This big brownbear mama had to care for the teddybear and it looked like a peck of trouble © Copyright by Klaus Kreuzer - all rights reserved

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hungariansoul: magicalnaturetour: Photo and caption by Jonathan Huyer ~ A newborn polar bear cub looks for a playmate Location: Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada ♥


Wildlife photographs by Andy Rouse, winner of the Cherry Kearton Medal

A polar bear (Ursus arctos maritimus) on pack ice, Svalbard, Norway - Andy Rouse

These Drones Could Save the Polar Bears

Basic cupcake

These Drones Could Save the Polar Bears

Lemurs always sleep all snuggled together... It's called a Lemur Ball lol. I learned this at Heaven's Corner Zoo when I volunteered there bc they had some and when I came in the morning they were always like this :) they're so cute :)

A family of lemurs huddle together to keep warm in the cold weather. The close-knit bunch snuggled up on a table and slowly off. The sight was captured by keen photographer Vladimir Popov while on a trip with his family to Haifa Zoo in Israel.

Get thrown into cold water and you will jump your shadows -Photo Ours polaire - GEO

Mammy is always tasty by sergei gladyshev on 500px

The cute cub cheekily pulled on his mums tail to get her attention! oh naughty bear!

Holy crap quads

Four Of A Kind - Photo and caption by Ken Conger - Coastal Brown Bear sow with unusual 4 spring cubs captured in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Cutie Baby Polar Bear Waving

Image: Polar bear cub waves at photographer, Wapusky National Park, Manitoba, Canada (© Rex Features/Greg Harvey)