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TRUTHHH. I'm so grateful for one of my friends. I've been hiding the fact that I've been sad for awhile from everyone I know, but I was finally able to tell my friend and I'm glad I did. Thank you soooo much Trav for helping me get it out, you're too kind to me. -Ocean

Women Who are Ambivalent about Women Against Women Against Feminism | The Bloggess: "I’m not saying you can’t choose to not be a feminist but know what you’re choosing. Don’t make a decision about a group based on the most radical beliefs of a group. Don’t get defensive if you get deeper and are exposed to difficult ideas about intersectionality and race and gender and colonialism and patriarchy and male liberation."

Cool & Crafty - Alistair & Lisa's Barn Celebration

Love this saying. Might have one too because my brother said he hates cheesy wedding sayings and he's the one doing the ceremony

9 Handmade Gifts for Mum

These quirky handmade gift ideas for mum are perfect to make with the kids or if you are on a budget this Mothers Day. A handmade gift usually stands out from the rest… and nothing says love more than a gift made with thought and care! I sure Mum or Grandma will love to receive one of these.

Instead of the popular photo booth, Christina and Raja created a cozy outdoor space for their guests to strike a pose. “It was probably one of the most used backdrops of the day,” Christina says. The couple decorated a quaint space under a few lush trees with crystal-embellished chandeliers, picnic blankets, pillows and quirky antiques like suitcases, cameras and books.

Do It Yourself Signs, DIY Wood Pallet Signs

Easy tutorial for Making Pallet Signs I have Richards old wooden sled and this would be an awesome way to display it...with something written on it

Custom Fender Linxy #Telecaster quite possibly the most beautiful Telecaster ever made. I dare say maybe even one of the most alluring objects of any kind that I've seen yet, for that matter. ﷽‎ کڪګڬڭڮگڰڱڲڳڴ؇؇؁؆؈؏ؑؓ٘ڠ؟ۼؤئݲةّ٘ٚ٣٭ۜ۞۝ٌّّ ݰݯݱﭼﱇﱇﱑﱒﱔﰡﰠﰴﰳ*ﱞﱎﱸﱷﲂﲴﳀدﳐدهﶊﶊهﶊﶺ﷽ﷲﻄﻈૐ ::::ﷻ☝️ ♔ﷲ ﷳ❥♡ ﷺ ﷴ ﷵ ♤✤❦♡ ۩ ۝✿⊱╮☼﷼ ؁☾ ﮪ؏ ♔❥♡ अमिताभ♤ ✿⊱╮☼ ☾PINTEREST.COM christiancross ☀ قطـﮧ‌‍ ⁂⥾ ﷳ❥ ◐ ⦿ ⥾ ❤❥◐ •♥•*⦿[†] ☪﷽‎ ::::