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Pet Rabbit Ideas... Drill or cut a 'feeding' hole near the bottom. Works for pet birds too.

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch, DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas & Accessories

♥ Pet Bird DIY Ideas ♥ Drill or cut a 'feeding' hole near the bottom, small enough that your bird's head can't get stuck in it. Next poke or drill a hanging hole in the lid. Lastly fill it with hay or paper shred plus seeds and treats throughout!

Ikea cupboard converted into an indoor rabbit hutch. Made by Evelien Lulofs

Hack An IKEA Shelf Into A Stylish Rabbit Hutch ( Small to keep bunny locked in but a nice base to sleep in)

Wow, would love a set up like this. I would give a little more head space and perhaps just have the 3 levels and i would put lino flooring down so i could do daily sweep outs.

Indoor Rabbit Hutches - Page 3 - Pet Forums Community. I think this could be adapted for ferrets really well.

Guinea Pig Cage from an old book shelf

For Wood Tools

like the chicken wire, make sure the holes are small enough that the pigs head can't get stuck, good air circulation Guinea Pig Cage from an old book shelf

Rabbit hutch - a few pics to show construction- sturdy.   would be easy to add a small "house" to this

Now you are currently watching the result of DIY Wooden Pallet Rabbit Hutch. You can see here a Pallet Storage Chest. A hutch for rabbits is called DIY Wooden

Pink and Black Curio detailed with bunny head......would be cool for Easter~  #furniture #easter

Bunny French Style cabinet painted in Pink & Black Harlequin. reminds me of alice in wonderland

Rabbit food pyramid.  Want to look at getting Mollie a Holland Lop, angora, and/or a lionhead bunny!!!!

Rabbit Ramblings: Bunny care: What is a treat? Carrot TOPS should be part leafy greens. The root (carrot) are considered treats!

Lion Head Lop Rabbit

Lion Head Lop Rabbit thought I would re post this! But I will have some of these precious babies just in time for Easter! If your interested just comment on this and I will ve more than glad to get in touch!

Large scale rabbitry - nice looking cages.

Large scale rabbitry - buy from a large scale breeder for pets or food, this is the misery the rabbits have had to endure.

This is *one* method. I found it was not the preferred way for most of my rabbits, but it worked for the very tame and confident ones. Most prefer to not see while being picked up, so the tuck-the-head-into-your-elbow method worked best with them.

How to pick up your rabbit. 3 examples are shown of how to pick up a rabbit safely in the image. This is important to know because if rabbits have fragile spines and if they are uncomfortable they will kick and risk breaking their back.

The rabbit diet pyramid - its soooo simples! Have a look at the safe food list…

So what can rabbits eat? Here's a comprehensive guide - safe & unsafe food lists, toxic and poisonous food and what rabbit treats & natural rabbit food are good sources of nutrition in a rabbits diet.

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  How we augmented our indoor rabbit hutch with it's own play yard.

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥ How we augmented our indoor rabbit hutch with it's own play yard.