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This is a Bear Plush by Fisher Price that sings, talks, says the alphabet, counts numbers, says and shows colors and shapes! I got it for my friend, Mark's great-nephew, Winnie!

This 30 year old uses this method for my baby blankie. I ain't too proud to admit it. How to Wash Stuffed Animals (Mama's Laundry Talk)

Oh Wolfy

Looked at it and it is expensive so just something kawaii like this!! - Danielle :3

wine corks sprayed gold... i love it! I wonder how long it would take to accumulate that many wine corks. :) that gives me an excuse to have a few extra drinks here and there!!!!!

How to Make a Mouse Toy for Your Favorite Cat

You can whip up a whole bunch of these mice from different kinds of wool and wool felt. After I made the first guy on the left, I was inspired to make him a little tweed wool friend.

Send your used stuffed animals to Afghanistan

Send gently-used stuffed animals to Iraq. Great way to pass along all of the extra stuffed animals we have.

Friends Are Easy To Make

cutie pie monster with pattern/instructions

No one will take Beary's place, but a Black Apple made from Kate's baby clothes, with extra soft voile body (similar to Liberty) and washable velvet hair could earn a spot in her heart.

a great opportunity to get rid of extra stuffed animals and give a "hug" to child who needs it!

Sheep in Sheep's Clothing - fits in the palm of your hand, complete with own removable jumper - Frankie Brown - free with donation