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Tupig ( made out of ground glutinous rice and coconuts strips wrapped in banana leaves then cooked over charcoal. ) my fave! from angsarap

Tupig (Filipino Grilled Sweet Coconut Rice Cakes). alternate here: http://kusinanimudrah.blogspot.com/2012/01/tupig-ng-mudrah-ni-mudrah.html or here: http://www.pinoyrkb.com/ricerecipe/Tupig.html or here: http://pinoyamericanrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/03/227tupig.html or here: http://quadradikus.blogspot.com/2010/05/tupig-food-from-up-north.html or here: http://darkfat.blogspot.com

food recipe: “TUPIG” on CHARCOAL

Apigigi' (Chamorro sweet coconut rice in banana leaves) Tupig (Filipino Grilled Sweet Coconut Rice Cakes) BEST THING EVER!

TURON (FILIPINO BANANA SPRING ROLLS) Ripe bananas Spring roll wrapper Dark brown sugar Water, for sealing the spring roll wrapper Oil, for frying

Turon (Filipino Banana Spring Rolls) Tomorrow at work we will be having an international potluck, so I decided to make one of my favorite snacks, turon or banana spring rolls.

This is my traditional foods. We always have more enough food and people enjoy it greatly

This is just what the typical spread looks like at my family parties. We always have more the enough food and it really wouldn`t be a filipino party without an

Buko Salad is the Filipino variation of the fruit salad, it is usually made out of mixed fruits, nata de coco, kaong (sugar palm), coconut, thickened cream and condensed milk. This dessert is a mainstay in every special occasion in the Philippines like birthdays, fiesta, weddings, Christmas and New Year’s dinner.

Buko Salad is the Filipino variation of the fruit salad, it is usually made out…

Chicken intestines on a stick is a common street vendor food in the Philippines

\isaw/ Grilled and marinated Chicken Intestines, Philippines. A local street snack

DINNER - by Dad: Cachupa - The flavor of Cape Verde by Chef Kirk

Don’t think that a Cachupa is something that you just make in a jiffy. It takes time, good produce and for most people it can seem a little .

Biko - Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice

Biko - Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice