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Answers to Sterling Silver Dialogue #16

(feels the fabric of a guest’s low-cut gown) "That's fine stuff, but it'll rot." (touches her skin above the neckline) "That's finer stuff still, but it'll rot too... in time!" (and) (recurring line) “No beds!” Eva Moore as Rebecca Femm (pictured on left with Gloria Stuart as Margaret Waverton) in 'The Old Dark House'

End Credits #21: Cinema's 2013 Lost Treasures Montage Part 5

Answers to Sterling Silver Dialogue #8

"Why not read my column to pass the time? The minutes will fly like hours." George Sanders as Addison DeWitt in 'All About Eve'

End Credits #12: Cinema's 2014 Lost Treasures

Marilyn Granas (Shirley's "Stand In") and Shirley Temple on the set of 'Now and Forever' (1934)

Top Ten: World Cinema Treasures

Top Ten World Cinema: L'Avventura a.k.a. The Adventure (1960, Italy) Director: Michelangelo Antonioni Only when it's over can we contemplate on the journey, realizing the significance over its destination, which reveals so many secrets of the human psyche subtly but powerfully conveyed in Antonioni's most perfectly created cinematic treasure.

Answers to Sterling Silver Dialogue #2

"Haven't you bothered me enough you big banana head?" Marilyn Monroe as Angela Phinlay in 'The Asphalt Jungle'

Close Encounters of the Treasured Kind #3

Close Encounters of the Treasured Kind: Lizabeth Scott - I spotted someone who I thought might be Lizabeth Scott but wasn't sure. So being my shy self, I sent my friend to discover her identity with explicit instructions not to mention anything about who sent her over, no matter which way it went...

End Credits #32: Cinema's 2015 Lost Treasures

Answers to Sterling Silver Dialogue #4

"You can never help anything, can you? You're like a leaf that the wind blows from one gutter to another." Robert Mitchum as Jeff Bailey in 'Out of the Past'