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Sherlock Holmes, consulting 12 year old and his mother, John Watson <=== I just dies laughing!

When Sherlock and Harry Potter collide the fandoms die. Oh. My. Gosh. This is brilliant.

When Sherlock and Harry potter collide the fandoms die.<the Doctor needs to be added,to help them with the timey wimey thingy that goes DING when there's stuff!and Dean,and all them hunt down Voldermort with Harry!

Scarily accurate

Exactly how it went down when my friend fell in love with Sherlock. And a different friend didn't love Doctor Who.<----- I usually end up forcing people to try again, because they only watch the first couple episodes of Doctor Who.


The face of the man we've chosen to love. I will marry the man who can make a face like this and still look ridiculously attractive (Benedict Cumberbatch, ahem).


How to React When Someone Is Shooting In a Museum

Only Sherlock could pull of the perfect "Are you kidding me?" look and be referring to the safety of skulls, not the fact that someone is trying to kill him.

I did!!

In both instances I think Yes, yes I have missed you. A lot. More than I was supposed to. In fact, I really really missed you and am now extremely excited youre back. And in both instances, they were taken from me.

ahh, Martin

I love this man. Not the cleanest mouth ever, but flippin' hilarious, Martin Freeman all the way


Thing is, I can totally picture Benedict as a baby otter and Matt as a baby giraffe.

'Twas the night before Sherlock... [GIF]  (This is perfect. I'm judging you if you don't find this perfect!)

PART 59 (two more weeks until Arrested Development!)

'Twas the night before Sherlock. [GIF] (This is perfect. I'm judging you if you don't find this perfect!<- why am I laughing this hard?

"Well, it is the truth." - Haha, I hadn't even noticed that part about being his own least irritating officer. :P

[Image - 539408]

Hudson by throwing a man out the window. Lestrade: "And exactly how many times did he fall out the window?" Sherlock: "It's all a bit of a blur, detective inspector. I lost count." Also that Lestrade is the least irritating officer lol

Someone Isn’t Too Pleased…

OH Benedict.he actually kinda looks like the child that just had their teddy bear stolen


Even if you don't ship Johnlock, you have to admit this is funny xD

Benedict Cumberbatch and his Twiddling... This fandom is insane.<--You're just getting this now?

Benedict Cumberbatch and his Twiddling. This fandom is insane.<<<<<hiatus does things to us.