French soldier whose face was mutilated in World War I, being fitted with a mask made at the American Red Cross studio of Anna Coleman Ladd (1918). Ladd’s services earned her the Légion d'Honneur Croix de Chevalier and the Serbian Order of Saint Sava.

Masks showing different stages in the work done by Mrs. Coleman Ladd of the American Red Cross for soldiers whose faces have been disfigured during the war. Photograph, 1918. Miscellaneous items in high demand, Prints and Photographs Division.

With Copper, Foil, and Paint, a Little-Known American Sculptor Saved Scores of World War I Soldiers from a Faceless Future

WORLD WAR I: MASKS, 1918. Masks showing the work done by Anna Coleman Ladd of the American Red Cross. The top row are casts taken from soldiers' mutilated faces, the bottom row shows masks of their faces before their injuries, made from pre-war photographs. On the table are masks made to fit over the disfigured part of the face. Photograph, 1918.

#Anna Coleman Ladd making masks worn by French soldiers with mutilated faces 1918 [1600 1192] #history #retro #vintage #dh #HistoryPorn

A French soldier whose face was mutilated in World War One is fitted with a prosthetic mask in 1918.

The Tin Noses Shop was a store offering prosthetic faces handmade with copper by Anna Coleman Ladd. Many of the soldiers returned from World War I with mangled facial injuries. Plastic surgery had greatly advanced but could not perfect a soldiers face back to normal. So many men used prosthetic faces to hide the scars that could not be removed.

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