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Diet and Exercise: Dr Amarpali Dixit, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Consultant, Rockland Hospital, Manesar says, “Many people think stress, and exercise or food items eaten during pregnancy are responsible for miscarriages. This is not true.”Diet and exercise help in the baby’s growth but do not have much to do with a miscarriage.Dr Sreedhar adds, “Most women put unnecessary emphasis on diet and rest in the first trimester so when miscarriages occur they blame it on a particular food item eaten…

Miscarriage Myths Debunked:This article talks about the myths of miscarriages.

Thought about stopping... then ran harder!

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#Infographic / Improve Your Running Technique

#Infographic / Improve Your Running Technique

Always against yourself!

Fitness Quotes : Illustration Description I think this applies to life and not just running, "don't waste your time on jealousy, sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind, the race is long and in the end it's only with yourself" -Read More –

Truth. I've tackled Halfs. When I get really consistent I'm determined to do a marathon.. even if it's in the comfort of my home on a treadmill

I once thought; that I couldn't have a New Beginning in life at Faith in God and my newly found "Running Familia" group has given me the strength to overcome this next chapter of my life's journey;

So true. Specially this past year with heel pain,pushing through.

It only hurts up to a certain point then it doesn't get any worse. Don't assume it's going to get worse. Changes your whole approach to running and life!

Layering for a Winter Run

Running in the Winter


You know you are a runner when your immediate response to any conflict or problem life throws at you is: "I need to go for a run!" So true!

Marathon Training | Recovering from a Setback | Mommy Runs It #sweatpink

Marathon Training - Recovering from a Setback