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How to test HDMI transmitter before soldering it onto the board? Manufacture a testing bench using PS4 gaming console with LQFP 64 socket which will allow you to test HDMI transmitter without soldering the pins.

The MBP A1398 ISL6259AHRTZ Replacement procedure was carried out successfully and charging circuit within the laptop was restored to fully working order. #HandSoldering, #Laboratory, #Rework

Heat dissipation during BGA rework is important to ensure component is heated equally all over the site perimeter.

Your #iPhone battery #draining too quickly or not #holding a charge? Try restarting it first. If charging problem still persist it can be battery or #charging #port issue which we can #repair by #replacing the part for a new unit.

The project involved carrying out Macbook Pro 216-0810005 GPU replacement procedure by removing and replacing BGA component. #2160810005, #Macbook, #Mbp2011, #Repair, #Soldering

The device was booked under our private consumer electronic repairs programme for Macbook missing wifi repair service. #CircuitBoard, #Repair, #Rework, #SmtReplacement

When it comes to BGA rework cleanliness is next to godliness therefore to sustain successful and scalable operations all parts must be stored and handled correctly in order to prevent foreign particle contamination, such as dust and micro-debris.​

​If your desk isn't messy - you're not working hard enough!

We love #recycling! #Military #boxes like green boxes! These sealable boxes are used to store ours tools!