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Bigby Wolf - Fables - Zarnala.deviantart.com

Bigby from Fable damn it Telltale, I want episode 2 now The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us - I Can Almost by YumiKoyuki on DeviantArt

A penny for my thoughts? I say this should have happened. Thanks for this request, I got really happy I could draw some more TWAU! I’m sure you don’t mind having some additional Bigby.

TWAU B+B by lorna-ka on DeviantArt

lorna-ka: “ Anonymous asked you: “ Hi there! I’ve been a HUGE fan of your art for a while and was wondering if at some point you could do a drawing of Beauty? Thanks in advanced! ” Thank you, anon! Here’s Beauty (+ bonus.

snow white dark fan art | Snow White And Bigby Wolf by ~LeighSimmons on deviantART

This is a commission I did a few months back for a friend while I was at the Lubbock Comic book expo. Snow White from Bill Willingham's Fables is o. Snow White And Bigby Wolf