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Seinfeld was and still is funny

Seinfeld quote - Jerry tells Elaine he hates everyone, 'The Alternate Side'

Boys And Girls Are Mean - Yeah, about that strategy...

Boys And Girls Are Mean

Seinfeld quote - George, Jerry & Elaine talk about how boys and girls torment each other, 'The Library'



On the things crushes do to you: | 27 Times Tumblr Captured How You Feel About Dating

" I hate having crushes because it makes me go from sassy independent beyonce to annoying clingy taylor swift in approximately two situations of direct eye contact" On the things crushes do to you:

Seinfeld quote - George & Jerry on life, 'The Truth'

Franci on

(The Truth) - George: "My whole life has been a complete waste of time." Jerry: "And there's so much more to go.

Karen Walker, Will & Grace

Karen Walker brings the latest online collection of dress, coat, top and skirt.

what purpose is this display serving?  why are priests and nuns dedicated to clothing themselves with such meager simplicity, while the head of this church feels the need to grandstand?

Funny Picture - A man with a cape, a bedazzled hat, and a disco stick says it's wrong to be gay - Seems legit

The Science of Gay

Because theories and studies are always intriguing Homophobic people should READ THIS! Are You Gay? Here's A Bunch Of Science Facts About It To Help You Check. "If you think being gay is a choice, then I would like to recommend you read this.

Hahaha! #grammar #funny

Spelling and grammar is important (28 Photos)

Funny pictures about Why you should use commas. Oh, and cool pics about Why you should use commas. Also, Why you should use commas.

Which Is The Better Home Business Choice, Beachbody Coach Or Mary Kay? | Becoming A Beachbody Coach

This is just too funny not to share! I'm not knocking Mary Kay products or distributors.just think its a great tag line for a pic of the Joker.

just saying.

George Can’t stand ya

Classic Seinfeld Quotes The popular TV Show Seinfeld that is still on today in syndication has given us many classic quotes. Bookmark and check back for more classic Seinfeld as well as other quotable spongeworthy things