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Check Out Pictures Of Cupcake Wedding Cakes. Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for a wedding. If you're getting married soon, or know someone who is, make up a special batch of wedding cupcakes.

Cupcakes - Wedding Cupcakes I want something similar but 2 layers on top of cake and rest cupcakes so we can cut the cake and keep the very top to eat a year later :D not same colors tho

I'm seeing a lot of weddings where the couple gets a small cake to cut, and then serves cupcakes (generally MUCH cheaper than buying a huge cake!

Cupcake wedding cake instead of the usual sheet or tear cake. This way there is no need to cut guests pieces and makes for an easier serve yourself reception. With only a small cake for the bride and groom to have their piece from.

Purple And Black Wedding Cupcake Tower Wedding Cupcake Tower. Tuxedo Cupakes filled with Whipped Chocolate ganache and topped with Vanilla.

Adorable all-white wedding cupcakes and cake on top #wedding #whitewedding #cupcakes #cake #weddingcupcakes

LOVE THIS beautiful all white wedding cupcake tower with cake on top. I would really like this with just roses on the top and less cupcakes since we have such a small list. Simple white frosted cupcakes, simple cake with a few flowers on the top.

Cupcake Wedding Tower Heey sweeties for everything about wedding check our website just by clicking on the image

A pretty vintage winter cupcake tower. Cupcakes decorated with sugar lace, roses, hydrangeas and birdcages with a top tier full of sugar roses and pretty pearl and diamante details.

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Wedding Cupcakes Nordgren Nordgren Doña, where u thinking of setting them up like this? It's a nice setup.