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J.K. Rowling's tweet on June 26th - THANK YOU JO ❤️

❤️⚡️ thank you Jo Rowling for giving the me an escape from the ugliness of this world, a world entirely of its own, that comes to life for me every time I open your brilliant work that is Harry Potter.


Are people calling it the Newtcase? Omg I love it << like a suit case but a newt case, amazing

Inspiring image hp, home, harrypotter, hogwarts, harry potter #4223300 by LuciaLin - Resolution 640x482px - Find the image to your taste

Inspiring image hp, home, harrypotter, hogwarts, harry potter by LuciaLin - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Harry you little shit

AND each of the marauders died protecting Harry. James died literally protecting him, Sirius died to go save him, Peter died allowing him to escape the prison, and Lupin died fighting with him at the Battle of Hogwarts. All of them died for Harry.

31 Posts That Prove “Harry Potter” Has The Funniest Fans

31 Posts That Prove "Harry Potter" Has The Funniest Fans

No, seriously, every time I watch the movie I think why the hell isn't he bending over and picking one up!

Cosmo's love spells

I always wondered why he didn't just bend down & pick up the freaking letter! How about, why didn't he stay out of the damn kitchen the first time around? Stick that thing in your cupboard so they don't know you've got it! (Why am I in Gryffindor?

Can we all just take a moment and look at this person's picture? Is that sharpie on their face??

Of course he'd have survived; he'd have bounced! Neville did when his Great Uncle threw him out the window to see if he had magic.

Harry Potter

I think it would be great to take the black family house which was not a good family environment and turn it into something good for kids like Harry and Tom and serius.

There's always someone coming up with different post-defeat-of-voldemort stories and I appreciate this one all the more. OMG THE RJ LUPIN HOUSE

14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand

I never noticed this, but it's so true!!! There are so many subconscious reasons I like Harry Potter, and this is one of them

The thing that really worked about Harry, Hermione, and Ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend.

While I know this could never happen, I really love the sentiment.

I LOVE this but dammit I can't be okay with them coming back AFTER Harry leaves.<<<Awww that would be so sad but maybe they wouldnt want to come back until they were reunited?