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Redneck tip 187 very few places are

Redneck tips *Few places are more romantic than on a hood of a truck in a cornfield*

Trace Atkins. Ladies Love Country Boys.

"You can raise her up a lady but theres one thing, you just cant avoid, ladies love country boys. They love us country boys"

country girl problems. Don't ever call a redneck a hillbilly! You'll regret it

Country, redneck, and white trash are three completely different things. Get it right before you go runnin' your mouth.

cowgirl secret  | cowgirl secrets | Yep That's Me

Sorry hun but only real cowgirls like myself can pull that shit off. Nothing makes me madder than seeing them damn posers in their lil booty shorts, clean boots, and lil plaid shirt trying to pull off the cowgirl look.

BEEN THERE DONE THAT HAHAHA and if u like country girl problems and bashing the city girls who pretend to b all country follow me on twitter @UAintCountry

Or you can change a flat tire in under ten minutes. You know how to pop the hood up and check all of your fluids, drain the oil and change the air breather with absolutely no help.