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Peeling a whole head of garlic in just seconds! Put whole head of unpeeled garlic in bowl, top with second bowl and SHAKE the **** out of it, it peels all the cloves!this REALLY WORKS!

Wrap banana stems in plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer!

How to Keep Bananas Fresh

MOM Tip: Keep your bananas fresh longer by separating each banana from the bunch and then wrap each stem in plastic wrap. This will slow the ripening process and your bananas should stay fresh longer more days.

Wow Abs Now: Two-Week Ab Makeover Workout

Wow Abs Now: The Two-Week Ab Makeover Workout

4 Week All-Over Makeover Get a new body in 4 weeks -- all it takes is a set of dumbells and this simple, circuit workout.

Peeling a potato made easy

Easily Peel A Potato With No Hands Peeling a potato can get pretty annoying. However, there’s an easy solution. After you boil a potato, put it into cold water for 5 seconds. Remove and twist the potato skin with your hands - the skin will fall right off!

Ham Dogger - Makes Perfect Hot Dog Shaped Hamburger Patties

Ham Dogger - Makes Perfect Hot Dog Shaped Hamburger Patties

Quote: "Ham Dogger Make a hamburger with a “hot dog” twist—even stuff it! The hit of the BBQ! With Ham Dogger, it’s easy to shape a hamburger like a hot dog. Even use with veggies or ground turkey to create family-favorite twists on a hot dog!

These 8 Brilliant KitchenAid hacks are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these AWESOME tips and tricks! Now I can save time with my cooking and even during the holidays! Definitely pinning!

8 Super Genius Kitchen Aid Hacks You'll Wish You'd Known Sooner

Use the lid from a gallon ice cream bucket, and cut from a hole in the center, adjusting the opening based on the size and movement of your mixer’s paddle. When mixing, you may need to hold down the l (Kitchen Aid Icecream Recipes)

Storing cheese for extended periods of time? Believe it! Here are some tips on waxing cheese.

Cheese Wax Will Save Us All

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago. Like the cheese wax idea. I wouldn't have to freeze the cheese and make it all crumbly.