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Fossil Flying Fish (Exocoetoides) From Lebanon

Flying Fish Exocoetoides minor AGEUpper Cretaceous Million Years) View on Geological Time Scale LOCATION Haqil, Byblos, Lebanon SIZE long on matrix

"ONE-OF-A-KIND" PREHISTORIC SWORDFISH Protosphyraena nitida Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Smoky Hill Chalk Gove County, Kansas, USA

Wall "mural" of real Knightia and Diplomystus fossilized fish. On auction in Bonham's "Distinguished Fossils" sale.

Lake, Fishing Summer Party Ideas

Lake, Fishing Summer Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 23

3D Prepared Tumidocarcinus Giganteus Crab Fossil

A large Miocene aged fossil crab (Tumidocarcinus giganteus) from New Zealand which has been painstakingly prepared from a hard concretion. This 6 inch wide crab took more than 50 hours of work to prepare in a 3D manner.

It's one of the most incredible fossil discoveries of 2016: part of the tail of a tiny dinosaur, nestled inside a chunk of 99 million-year-old amber.

Sclerocephalus haeuseri (young juvenile) - This member of a diverse group of ancient small to giant amphibians is a member of the family Sclerocephalidae. Adults reached a length of of about 59" (150 cm) and breathed through lungs, but their larvae used external gills like tadpoles - fossil from lowermost Permian : 298.9 ± 0.2 - 252.2 ± 0.5 million years ago