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CaV: King Hyperion (HeirToTheKingdom) vs Thor (Divell): OPEN VOTES!! - Battles - Comic Vine

No Warrior's madness or Odinforce.VotingThis is a CaV between me and HeirToTheKingdom, so no

Ultimate Thor

Marvel Cómics México on

Ultimate Thor colors by Mark H Roberts, Lines by Carlos Pacheco and Dexter Vines

thor comic art | Visit 4.bp.blogspot.com

youngjusticer: “Destroyer’s merely Thor’s morning coffee consumption… “ANOTHER! Destroyer, by Matteo Spirito.

I leave you with this thought.It is not the one with the greatest power which is important! It is the one who uses his power wisely.in the cause of justice!

The Allfather and Son

Thor and Odin by Rudy Ao. Anybody else notice that Odin's helmet is a mix of Thor and Loki's?

By the Gods! It's THOR Appreciation

X men legacy 262 cover Comic Illustrations by Mark Brooks. Mark Brooks is a comic book artist from Atlanta, GA. Brooks has worked on Marvel Age, Cable & Deadpool and Ultimate X-Men. He provided cover art for the Spider-Man… Continue Reading →