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The Scariest Pumpkin Carvings Ever

The Scariest Pumpkin Carvings Ever

If you’ve never given any thought to where your Halloween pumpkin carving skills might take you, you might not have heard of Jon Neill, a famous sculptor and pumpkin carving master who creates some of the best Halloween pumpkin carvings we’ve ever seen.

☆ Skull Pumpkin Carving ☆

Last year we showed you some terrifyingly cool carved pumpkins by American sculptor Ray Villafane, and now he's back with some new pumpkin faces! His pumpkin

WarNet.ws: Произведения «ужасного искусства» (29 фото)

Testing our carving skills in Cordillera- maybe ours will be as frightful as these: Pumpkins are transformed into glowing masterpieces by professional sculptors in time for Halloween

Best Halloween carvings

Pumpkin carvings for Halloween - in pictures