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“ ” “This helps put things into perspective,,,,I am a Taurus but Rik is a Scorpio & he does bring out my “Naughty & Kinky Sides” Tami @ ”

"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned". Oh, you wanted kinky sex, right? Wait until I get my tools

Totally..... i mean right guys????...... .......Guys?... The questions is why did you let her shit in your mouth.

Make Me by C.M. Owens is now LIVE Warnig: Adults Only What do you do when a girl wants to seduce you and get revenge for something you did in the past? You pretend to be a millionaire Dom of course. Yeahthats harder than it sounds. #ThatsNotAButtPlug #VaginaNumbing#CheesePuffHair Purchase Links: Amazon UShttp://amzn.to/2k4FAUX Amazon UKhttp://amzn.eu/0ZWrsNr Amazon AUhttp://ift.tt/2karwKp Amazon CANhttp://a.co/hGEEyeW Kobohttp://ift.tt/2kasTJi iBookshttp://ift.tt/2jjkEvX B&N…

Interview: Gore Verbinski Breaks the Rules in A Cure for Wellness Director Gore Verbinski discusses the creative freedom of making the unusual new thriller A Cure for Wellness Gore Verbinskis A Cure for Wellness is a wild and weird mind bender of a Gothic meltdown. Its haunting arch bleakly humorous nightmarish surreal kinky and unlike any other movie youll see in the multiplex this year. Some might think such a Lynchian slab of oddness an odd product to come from the director of straight…

Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette or How to Get to Heaven or Hell Without Going Through Dallas-Fort Worth (2001). "You'll never look at Texas the same way again after you encounter the real-life characters in [this book] ... [the author] provides an insider's view of his state's customs, history, and values." (Front Flap)

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And let’s not forget, Mrs Hudson KICKED ASS. | A Lot Of People Are Really, Really Shipping Watson And Sherlock Following That "Sherlock" Episode

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