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This popular Caribbean meal adds the creamy, rich flavor of coconut milk to a hearty dish of rice and beans.

Escabeche de Pollo - Chicken Escabeche

Chicken escabeche is a dish made of browned chicken drumsticks marinated in olive oil, onions, capers and olives.


Ceviche is a typical Costa Rican dish consisting of raw fish soaked in freshly squeezed lime juice.

Costa Rican Tilapia

Fresh tilapia marinated in lime juice and spices, baked to perfection, and served with rice.

Rompope - Costa Rican Eggnog

A creamy, thick eggnog made with cooked eggs, evaporated milk, and the special addition of coconut.

Queque Seco - Costa Rican Pound Cake

A Costa Rican pound cake that is lighter and drier than its North American counterpart.

Frijoles Molidos - Fried Beans

Refried beans made from scratch -- a necessary accompaniment to any traditional Costa Rican meal.

Pan Frances - Costa Rican-Style French Bread

Fluffy, French-style baguette baked with local ingredients.

Platanos Maduros - Fried Plantains

Ripe plantains pan fried to a crispy golden brown.