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Gold & silver interlaced pentacles celebrating the pagan sun sabbat of Ostara featuring elemental eggs, flowers, rabbits, god & goddess symbols and celtic knotwork.

Gold & silver interlaced pentacles celebrating the pagan winter solstice sun sabbat of Yule featuring the yule log with candles, symbols for the Holly & Oak kings with celtic knotwork.

Path of Avalon~ Wheel of Brigit-Ana

PATH OF AVALON - WHEEL OF BRITANNIA / BRIGIT-ANA -- SAMHAIN Crone, Dark Mother, Morgen-60′s, Ceridwen, YULE Air, Morgen-70's, Danu, Arianrhod, Cailleach, IMBOLC Maiden, Morgen-GirlChild, Brigit, OSTARA Fire, Morgen-Adolescent, Grainne, Artha, BELTANE Lover, Morgen-20′s, Rhiannon, Elen of the Ways, Blodeuwedd, LITHA Water, Morgen-30′s, Domnu, LadyOfThe Lake, LAMMAS GreatMother, Morgen-40′s, Ker, Modron, GraineGoddess, MABON Earth, Morgen-50′s, EarthMother, Banbha, CENTRE LadyOfAvalon…

the wheel of the year. It's backwards to me but everyone always has theirs like a stupid clock and of course, they are wrong. ;)

Imbolc or "in the womb" is said to refer to the growing bellies of the Ewes who were kept by the the Celts and so important to their lively hood. It is also called Lá Fhéile Muire na gCoinneal in Irish, which translates to the feast day of Bride.