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circa EXCLUSIVE American actor Gary Cooper - looks at Mrs.

High Noon one of the best westerns for ever!!!

July 1952 "High Noon" starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly opens in U. Cooper won an Oscar as Best Actor for the role.

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper (via

Gary Cooper, / Cooper arrived in Hollywood hoping to use his drawing skills. When Hollywood realized he could ride a horse, he became a cowboy actor.


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Gary Cooper, One of the most handsome young men ever. A little (well, a lot) too conservative to ever be a true heartthrob, but easy on the eyes nonetheless.

How to Be a Gentleman: A Beginners Guide

How to Be a Gentleman: A Guide for the Modern Man

View Gary Cooper by George Hurrell on artnet. Browse more artworks George Hurrell from Andrew Weiss Gallery.

High Noon - Gary Cooper - The film won four Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. Nowadays, there is little chance of a western winning any awards. Sad but true.

HIGH NOON - Gary Cooper - Thomas Mitchell - Lloyd Bridges - Katy Jurado - Grace Kelly - Otto Kruger - Produced by Stanley Kramer - Directed by Fred Zinneman - United Artists - Publicity Still.

Gary Cooper on the set of "The Spoilers", photographed by Earl Crowley, 1930. Description from I searched for this on

Gary Cooper, photographed by Earl Crowley on the set of 'The Spoilers', 1930

holy hell. what a hottie. maudelynn:  Gary Cooper on the set of The Texan (1930) Dayum….

Gary Cooper - "The Texan" 1930

GARY COOPER (Sergeant York, High Noon, The Pride Of The Yankees, A Farewell To Arms, For Whom The Bell Tolls and Mr. Deeds Goes To Town; died in May of 1961 of prostate, colon and lung cancer)

Gary Cooper was an actore famed for his stoic understated style. He made a name for himself in Westerns, crime, comedy and drama's. This 1929 photo shows why he was considered such a beautiful man!

Gary Cooper photographed by Shalitt

Sophisticated men's jewellery - Gary Cooper photographed by Jack Shalitt.

deforest:  Gary Cooper, February 1929 What a gift to find in my Pinterest flow.

For Mom - deforest: Gary Cooper, February 1929

Candid shot of Fay Wray and Gary Cooper, late 1920’s or early 1930’s.

On the set of "The First Kiss" - Fay Wray and Gary Cooper, 1928

My favorite actor from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Gary Cooper! <3 He was gorgeous! ;)

Gary Cooper, photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Gary Cooper and Fay Wray in Legion Of The Condemned, 1928

The Legion of the Condemned (1928)

Gary Cooper & Fay Wray in the lost film "Legion of the Condemned" (William Wellman,

Gary Cooper    'The Virginian', 'Morocco', 'A Farewell to Arms', 'Design for Living', 'The Lives of a Bengal Lancer', 'Mr. Deeds Goes to Town', 'Beau Geste', 'Meet John Doe', 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', 'High Noon' & 'Vera Cruz'

The world lost Gary Cooper on this day in 1961 and we remember him with a Follies tribute… “Until I came along all the leading men were handsome, but luckily they wrote a lot of stories…

Gary Cooper, 1920. Holy moly, he was suck a looker. One of the best looking men in Hollywood...ever....

A young and handsome Gary Cooper