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Amazon has always had a complicated relationship with George Orwell. As we’ve reported before, the online retailer has misquoted Orwell, tried to claim him as its own, and made a number of Orwellian blunders. This includes deleting copies of Animal…

Coréia do Norte: "Isso é o que acontece quando o ônibus quebra no meio do caminho." (Foto: Eric Lafforgue)

zoopat: Bertrand Russell: El lugar de la ciencia en la educación liberal - Foto: Bertrand Russell, London, December 1951 -by Alfred Eisenstaedt

"No dia do Festival Kimjongilia, em homenagem ao primeiro líder do país, milhares de norte-coreanos enfrentam filas enormes para visitar os monumentos da capital." (Foto: Eric Lafforgue)

The Final Months of Brooklyn’s Most Cluttered Bookstore - The Community Bookstore, in Brooklyn, has no traditional storefront or open hours; if you're new to the neighborhood you may not realize it’s a bookstore at all.


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