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Because the cut off date for Hogwarts was September December baby Lily started there a year later than May born Hugo, even though they were born in the same calendar year. Submitted by: anon

Aglow: This photo represents Aglow. The neon light signs in the back are blured out using a low DOF. The lights glow is shown as a reflection in the street.


Bright- This photo is bright because the lights have high intensity and are almost blinding. Elements of this photo include color, leading lines, depth of field, closed composition and perspective.what color is your ego?

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Why New York City Drives New Yorkers Crazy

Beautiful and Colorful Instagrams by Steve Zeinner #inspiration #photography

Steve Zeinner is a talented 45 year old self-taught photographer, filmmaker and painter based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Steve uses Nikon various GoPro action cameras, DJI aerial drone and his iPhone. He shoots stunning urban,

Bokeh City Lights in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Lane Ramage

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Lights will guide you home By Joel Sossa

It'd been three and half years since her boyfriend had been killed right infront of her eyes and Mia Pearce has never felt the same. She used to be the Mia Pea.