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Inspirational Thoughts To Hold Close When Things Seem Dark. Let these words from survivors of child abuse be a beacon of hope and light for you - By dealing with the trauma of past abuse you too can free yourself to actually become happy inside yourself. Visit for help and support. How can you not give that gift to yourself? How can you deny this for you? YOU deserve to feel this way You CAN do this!

Never undervalue who you are, what you know and have gone through and never underestimate what you are capable of! Self Help techniques for survivors of Child Abuse @

BRAIN FOG Is your brain fuddled? Can’t think straight? Struggling to concentrate? Brain fog is debilitating – it usually descends at the worst time possible – and can make us feel like or look like we’re stupid or dumb! No matter how hard we try to focus or concentrate, our brains just won’t allow us to access our logic. If you, or someone you care about is a survivor of child abuse and you want help with this problem please read our Brain Fog self help guide and fix it fast!.

JUICING FOR HEALTH As a result of being subjected to abuse when we were children, many of us live with and suffer from chronic stress. We may not recognise it or understand it, we may deny it, and even ignore it but, in order to fully recover, we absolutely must become aware of our stress and deal with it. We have put together some fabulous tried, tested and tasty stress busting smoothies and juices that are really easy to make and should help you on your road to recovery. Love yourself…

When times are hard and life seems dark wrap yourself in positive thoughts and let the light in!