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Giant turtles are mesmerizing... unique creatures and yet vulnerable.

Giant turtles are mesmerizing. unique creatures and yet vulnerable.

Before you visit a California State Park, check the maximum RV and trailer lengths allowed on the state parks website. The restrictions often have more to do with curvy narrow roads than the size of the campsites.

California's Department of Parks and Recreation allow group tours of the state parks for schools. There are also a countless number of environmental educational programs offered at the parks, and even service opportunities.

Watch out for these common campsite offenders!

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Wonderful science, nature & history activities for kids at the National Parks -- and they're all FREE!

The Best National Park Adventures for Kids

Great activities that connect kids to nature, history and science! Good to know before your next family trip to a National Park

River Bend Nature Center, a twenty acre environmental education facility

River Bend Nature Center is a Museum in Wichita Falls. Plan your road trip to River Bend Nature Center in TX with Roadtrippers.

The National Park Service's Junior Ranger Program- Not Just for Kids!

All ages are invited to join in the US National Park Service's Junior Ranger Program to learn more about wildlife, conservation, and earn badges.

We did a little experiement on our way to Epcot yesterday. We saw that going 75 mph instead of the 70 mph speed limit only saved us 3 seconds per mile.   Which in the big picture only saves us a few minutes in our total trip. We looked up the best speed for MPG and found that for every 5 mph that you go over 60 mph costs on average and extra $0.31 per gallon of gas. Something to think about.

Are you Losing Money on Your RV Trips? Slowing down your pace can save you big at the gas pump.

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board - Create a motivating classroom with mindset posters for any grade level,

Learning Zone - Classroom Reveal 2016-2017

As anyone who’s ever spent any time traveling in an RV can tell you, operating an RV can be expensive! Even if your vehicle is all paid off and in good condition, you still have to contend with ongoing costs and fees — and that’s before you add on all the costs of a trip, [Continue Reading]

Learn how to make your next backcountry tent camping trip the best ever with these simple tips.

Be careful!

Good to know. Watch out for Poison Oak & Ivy (at school!)- a good guide on "How to treat and avoid poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac"

Just 20 miles from  Richmond, Pocahontas offers boating, picnicking, camping, camping cabins, hiking, and interpretive and environmental education programs. The Aquatic Center  has a kiddie pool,leisure pools, an activity pool and two tubular water slides. Rowboat, paddleboat, kayak and canoe rentals also are available Lake during the summer.  80 miles of trails throughout 7,925 acres open to hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.

Pocahontas State Park Campground is a RV Park in VA. Plan your road trip to Pocahontas State Park Campground in VA with Roadtrippers.