LOL, I love this! Try Rodan + Fields for 60 days! Who's up for the challenge? What's your personal recommendation from the Doctors?

This is Bridget... Check out what she has to say about her results! "I finally worked up the nerve to share my before and after one month results on RODAN + FIELDS REVERSE AMP IT UP SPECIAL. When I took this first picture, I was on vacation and was just checking to see how bad my makeup had smeared after getting out of the water. YES, MAKEUP... I was wearing makeup. After looking at this picture, I decided I finally had to do something about my sun spots."

Let me get you started with Rodan + Fields AMP MD , Redefine regimen , you will love it!

Reverse can help repair the damage done to your skin by the sun! It improves the texture and appearance of your skin, all while helping reverse the signs of aging. Start erasing skin damage now and protect against future damage. Contact me for more information at

Not only is this another amazing idea for keeping things organized in the shower, it also puts the products right at your fingertips. Bending over? Please!

How To Look Good Without Makeup. Skincare tutorial. • Solid tinted moisturizer with SPF. • Vitamin C: Hot cup of lemon water. • Toner. • Exfoliate. • Don't touch your face.

My go-to lip product! These little silver beads are pure JOY ... Full of peptides, vitamin E and anti-oxidants to combat multiple signs of aging. One bead goes a LONG way; I usually share one with my little nuggets to help them fight chapped lips. *Redefine Lip Renewing Serum*

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