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The medical history summary for Amy Thomas, advocate for patients of hydrocephalus and their families. Summary of surgeries, medical procedures, and recoveries that Amy has had, relating to hydrocephalus.

This is purposely left out of "The Conversation" on purpose, by the liberal left mainstream media.

Now they parade impeached Bill Clinton around as a hero for the youth who don't remember the truth. Yes - I remember. I remember it well. Also clothed in scandal.

Tudor History from the beginning (shown here) through Henry VIII and his six wives up until Queen Elizabeth I.

Wars of the Roses – Two Houses Divided. Plantagenet cousins: York and Lancaster.

Hillary Diane Rodham (now Clinton) at Wellesley College, Wellesley ...

Hillary Clinton in June 1969 at the Rodham family home. She was featured in a Life magazine story called "The Class of

To a Liberal: All mass murders are Conservative.   To a Conservative: So how are all those new gun laws working for you!

Holy smokes what a failure. How's that gun control working for you, Obama? Wake up America! Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton mass shootings combined, if Hillary takes office for America is massive shootings.


Every ridiculous comment Killary makes completely contradicts herself and blind morons still wish she was elected.only a complete nut jobs would want this criminal slop as president

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