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Impressive Mookite Jasper Carving of a Rooster--"The Strutting Peacock of the Chinese Zodiac"

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Резьба Агат Аквамарин и Кот,  Идар-Оберштайн, Германия,  отнести Альфреда Циммерман, вырезанные из превосходной части ленточного агата грубой, резьба изображает игривый кот моргнув глубокий синий аквамарин сферу, тело замысловатой резьбой с меховой подробно и экспонирования отличную изоляцию цвета в коричневый ушей, хвоста и лап против глубокого синего и серо-голубой тела, глаза, в которые вставлены ручной росписью элементы.  11.43 х 4.57 х 5.97 см. Расчетный $ 4000-6000 недвижимости от…

An Agate and Aquamarine Cat Carving, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, attributed to Alfred Zimmerman, carved from a superb piece of banded

Chinese Lapis Lazuli Vase (8/26/2011 - Asian Decorative Arts)

Chinese Lapis Lazuli Vase (8/26/2011 - Asian Decorative Arts)

<i></i><i>Designed by Luis Alberto Quispe</i><br />A life-like rendering of a full-grown rooster is convincingly achieved in this carving formed from a single, immense specimen of Tanzanian ruby, <i>with a gross weight of approximately 12.2lbs (27,669 carats)</i>, a difficult feat considering the hardness of the stone. The carving is highlighted with a beak carved of South African tiger’s eye quartz, set with garnet cabochon eyes and mounted with 18K yellow gold feet and feathers. The ...

Contemporary Life-like Rendering of a Full-grown Rooster -- Tanzanian ruby, tiger’s eye quartz, set w/ garnet cabochon eyes & mounted w/ gold feet & feathers.

Golden Eagle Sculpture made by David Frisby

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Large and Impressive Amethyst and Milky Quartz Eagles on a Quartz

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Bloodstone & Fancy Jasper Horses (GS-978)

Item Approximately tall, Bloodstone and Fancy Jasper Horses. Mounted on Black Basalt base.

A Collection of Songbird Carvings, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, consisting of two carved songbirds perched on stone bases, the first in

Idar-Oberstein, Germany, carved songbird perched on stone base, in lapis lazuli with an agate beak and inset hand painted eyes mounted on a green onyx base carved in a tree trunk motif, with gold vermeil feet. Lapis Bird: x