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If your gonna kill a person in movies keep them dead even tho I love all the people who get to come back to life keep them dead if your gonna scare me and brake my heart don't try to come back from that

This makes Steve and Bucky sound like a couple where Steve is the girl who hangs with all the boys and does the same things they do and Bucky is they protective bf who doesn't like Steve doing all of the stuff because he could get hurt.

No but like seriously, Logan setting off all the alarms and the airport security dragging him off to this room with a table and a few chairs and Bucky's sitting there playing with knives or something and when the security dude slams the door after him Bucky just nods and salutes Logan with his metal arm.

Yes to all! Wait, no. I don't wanna see Bucky cry because then I'll start sobbing. . Yes also please give me Quicksilver back k.<<AND GIVE BLACK WIDOW HER OWN MOVIE CMON WHERE IS IT MARVEL??!!!

Actually, I don't remember this at all! Oh honestly, you children act like the WS was all about the tragic bromance of the ages. Pish-posh.

Aunt May's Walnut Date Loaf

I love the transition from Steve to Chris. | GIF via bbuchanann |