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22 Shaheedon ka khoon baha aur Azaan Mukammil Hui   Jab Namaz Ka waqt hua istema me se ek kashmiri utha or azan dene laga – kashmiri musalmano ki azaan adhuri rahi – ek aur kashmiri utha aur jahan se pehle kashmiri ne shahdat ki wajhe se silsila toda tha usne wahin se joda,ukso bhi shaheed kardiya gaya – Azaan ko mukamil karne ek aur kashmiri utha artha ke 22 kashmiron ne Azaan mukammil ki aur shadat ka rutba paya…

Islamic Dua’s (Supplications) for All Occasions - Dua to recite after Azan (Adhan) - Importance of Supplication (Dua) in Islam

Narrated by Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said: “Whoever establishes prayers during the nights of ramadan faithfully out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards (not for showing off), all his past sins will be forgiven.” Sahih Al Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 2, No 37 http://www.eislamicquotes.com/hadith-ramadan/

Hadith on Ramadan Posted on June 2014 by e Islamic Quotes

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#Quran #Islamic #Allah #Islam #Quotas #God #Lord Http://Jesus-is-Muslim.net

٧٠- النحل

٧٠- النحل

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The Quran (Surah al-Anfal):- "If Allah finds any good in your heart, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you.

Surah An-Naba Verse 8

Islamic Marriage Quotes for Husband and Wife are About Marriage In Islam with Love, Islamic Wedding is a blessed contract between a man and a woman(Muslim