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I know nothing about that hole in the yard

"What do you mean there's a hole in the yard?I don’t know anything about a hole that looks freshly dug. May I suggest asking the cat?



Visit us Monday through Friday at 11AM for your cute puppy fix! Each photo features a puppy who is in training to become an assistance dog for someone who is deaf or has a disability. Jackie, I don…

11AM Cute Puppy — Jackie, I don’t think you’re close enough to the camera.

Sandra loves her pet labrador - while this is just a look-a-like puppy version, 'Sasha' is just as adorable (and a little bigger!

Time for a real #pool or #spa?  Call All Florida Pool and Spa to get a free quote.

yes.yes i will get you a bigger swimmy pool because you are cute and sad looking. -Diablo neeeeeds a swimmy pool!

Looks like Pepper...sweet dog... more pins under www.supondo.com

brown dress with white dots : Photo -- black lab with brown eyes

Andy is obsessed, even tries to bring up fallen logs

We know that the dogs are good swimmers and this funny looking dog is so kind that he saved the stick from drowning'.