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Preach it!

Healthy options are typically more expensive than unhealthy options. However, you are paying for nutritional value and you are ultimately saving money by preventing sickness and disease.

Your Liver , Parasites and the Healing Crisis

Do you have diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain? I had those three symptoms severely for years. I went to gastroenterologists and infectious disease specialists. I finally found relief on my own!

Fitness Magazine's The Beach Body Boot Camp Diet: Rosemary and Zucchini Flatbread with White Grape Salad

The Beach Body Boot Camp Diet: Lunch Choices

Lol. Truman State does something like this, but they use Mmmbop to raise money and I think it's called Stop the Bop.

Genius campaign…

FUNDRAISING IDEA: play a song until your fundraising goal is hit. A club did this w/ 'mmmBop' and another used 'Baby' and made out very well while having a laugh.

I once found a huge roll of brie for $3 and a tiny one for 5$

Not sure that the coke thing is funny, but rather a sad, strange truth. Jackie Chan doing WTF via charades as a characterture is funny.

Think you have to ditch the frozen food aisles if you want to do clean eating? Think again!

How I'm Using Frozen Foods to Help Our Clean Eating Journey

Tomato,  avocado, baby boccocinni (mozzarella balls) on 12 grain !

Tomato, avocado, baby boccocinni (mozzarella balls) on 12 grain !

Busy girl healthy snacks

6 Busy Girl Snack Ideas - perfect for staying full throughout the day in a healthy way

Robot sannies...a fun way to get your kid to eat healthy food, no?

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