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'But Milk Is Important' is the graduation film of Anna Mantzaris and Erik Grønmo Bjørnsen for Volda University College. The story is about a man with social anxiety who gets his life, full of routines, drastically changed.

Disegni sulla sabbia

A Ukrainian girl Kseniya Simonova uses SAND PAINTING to depict the World War II . and how her family had been seperated by the war. 313 likes, 4 dislikes Artist: Apocalyptica

I just remember that as a kid, my grandmother smoking Marlboro's and I would eat chicken noodle soup constantly.

Soup & Cigarettes: Separated at Birth? :: Soup & Cigarettes: Separated at Birth? => Jeff Goran’s “A Lighter or a Spoon” conflates Campbell’s Soup with Marlboro Cigarettes

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Nata Metlukh on Vimeo

Are fears our friends or they just worsen people’s existence? A graduation film made at Vancouver Film School 108 days of production. Directed and animated by Nata Metlukh

Some Gravity Falls. Geez, I need to quit drawing Mermando, but he the best. I also tried drawing Soos, Wendy. I think they turned out pretty good. I also tried drawing Stan, but he wasn't as lucky.(Need To Try Ideas)

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Making of Project "I" by IXOR VFXProject "I" is a full CG animated movie based on mythological and fictional creatures and characters.