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Hottest March Ever, or at Least as Far Back as Any Records Go Last month was the hottest March in modern history and the consecutive month to break a global temperature record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Tuesday.

The Hungry Games: A Game of Natural Selection

Grade: Natural Selection Activity (Natural Selection Game) Students represent a population of leopards that have a total of 6 genetic variants among them.

Natural selection is one of my favorite topics to teach. Students enter the classroom with prior misconceptions and it's fun to have students figure out what natural selection and evolution really.

Natural Selection Lab - Use Math Evaluate Natural Selection & Evolution

Great animated video on the process of natural selection *I need to have students watch this either in class or before.

Science Matters: Adaptations: Bird Beaks - Version Use different utensils and materials to pick up these objects and discover how different birds beaks resemble these objects. Great for including EE.

Activity called "battle of the beaks" where students get a feel for how certain adaptive traits may help animals survive and thus successfully reproduce, demonstrating natural selection.

Behavioral and Structural (Physical) Adaptations Cut and Paste examples

Behavioral and Structural (Physical) Adaptations Cut and Paste examples and definitions: Students sort examples (and definitions) with pictures of Structural and Behavioral Adaptations and create a notes sheet for reference. THIS PRODUCT IS PART OF THE F