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Υπαρχουν δυο τραγωδιες σε αυτη τη ζωη: η μια ειναι να μην αποκτας αυτο που θελεις, η αλλη ειναι να το αποκτας.

the are two tragedies in life; The first one is not to gain what you want, the other one is to gain what you want.

I get re-pissed about an old situation whenever I have a flashback about it

I really need to work on letting go. I don't have a problem forgiving people, but the forgetting part isn't quite as easy.

Truth. She loses her shoe 3 times! Once it's one of her flats, the glass slipper and then when leaving with the prince after their wedding!

Why didn't it change after midnight, why didn't the prince remember what Cinderella looked like if she was supposed to be his love of his life? There are a lot of questions Cinderella didn't answer!




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