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Dash after I painted it.

Dash after I painted it.

I imagine this is the daughter of a high offical in the kingdom. She is done with her royal life and is breaking free. She posies her crossbow ready to fight

Medieval Renaissance Custom Linen Dress "Archeress" with Chemise and Corset

Archers Short Dress from Ravenswood Leather - to die for! Everything at Ravenswood, is just so cool. This is fully custom fitted, has the usual wide range of color & trim options this vendor does so well. Plus an optional hood that comes in pointed & round. Way out of my price range, but dang - a gal can dream! Would <3<3<3 one in Renaissance Brown & Forest Green like shown above, w/ pointed hood. In Renaissance Brown (+10%) & Forest Green for $548.20 See related Saberist version pinned…

Archers Short Dress

Short Ranger Dress from Ravenswood Leather. Perfect for archery and fast swordplay in forested lands. The open areas on the back of the shoulders make it easier to draw a bow properly.

My first Archer novel, and my first interaction with crudeness of society  Totally love it!!

Kane and Abel (Kane and Abel, by Jeffrey Archer - Read this whole series like a fiend. So much anguish.

Lady archer - not a longbow, but note the cut on her blouse, and the quiver style on a simple weapons belt w/ waist cincher.

horseback archery - my dream that I want to come true! This is so awesome!

▶ Classic BBC Radio Theme ~ Shipping Forecast (Sailing By) - YouTube. So beloved is this music, it's often requested to be played at funeral services!

Classic BBC Radio Theme ~ Shipping Forecast (Sailing By) I used to love listening to this on the radio in bed, the shipping forecast used to send me to sleep dreaming of all those mysterious places at sea. So much part of British life in those days

A sparkling arrow symbol represents the hopes and dreams of the Sagittarian Archer. #PANDORA #PANDORAessencecollection #StarSigns

Pandora charms - the coloured charms only - according to ancient myths, the glyph for Virgo represents a maiden holding a sheaf of barley

ARCHERY Is The Name Of The Game. I HAVE to have this!!

groovy things "I need to show this to my husband. He is making things from metal scraps.this is cute and what an easy project." Need excellent tips and hints on arts and crafts? Head to my amazing site!

Sagittarius is the most expansive of all of the zodiac signs, and their optimistic outlook gives them plenty of good luck. Natives of this sign are happiest when they have plenty of freedom to pursue their dreams.

Breath Taking Sculptures by Mark Newman

My favorite major Greek god is Artemis. Artemis (Diana)-goddess of the moon, hunting and protectress of animals; Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility.