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Dirty Is Clean. Don't Wash Your Jeans.

What can you do? Simply wash your jeans less. The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is running a campaign under the hashtag #10Wears1Wash. If you wear your jeans 10 times before you wash them (rather than the average American's 2.3 times), you can reduce water usage by 77% over the life of your jeans.

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MEM SAMURAI Waido housut | Weecos The most ecological clothing collection in the world comes from Helsinki Finland, and it is made from old denim jeans. MEM Samurai by Paula Malleus. View the full lookbook at Weecos. Eco fashion sustainable upcycle recycled clothes

Lena C. Emery / the gentlewoman

Country Life: Jean Campbell by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK March 2016 - Etro Spring 2016

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Interview with Ethical Designer Katharine Hamnett

Ethical Designer Katharine Hamnett: ‘In Fashion, It’s Easy to Get Rich and Famous by Being a Bad Person’