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This is coming from the girl who blew 25 grand after her first heartbreak like nbd... I never learn, mind you had I had a mansion with a pooooooool... Lol

Funny Reminders Ecard: It's true money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster while sitting poolside in a loungechair outside of my oceanfront mansion.

Hate this! (I realize it's not just a Lupus thing, but #Lupus definitely instigated this in my life.)

That's NOT NOT funny! It happens almost every night to me. Stop laughing! It is not funny!

36 funniest and hilarious parenting memes #parentingmemes

36 funniest and hilarious parenting memes #parentingmemes

Wouldn't it be funny to secretly place a sex toy in someone else's yard sale then stand back and watch the reactions?


If Restraining Orders were enough to keep you away, I woulden't have had to put you in jail also.

...serious case of the mondays coming up...i can just feel it.

Celebrate the Opening of Hunger Games By Sending Your Friends One Of THESE

I'm not always patient, but when I am it's for 5 whole minutes.

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: I don't mind coming to work, but the wait to come home is a bitch.