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"Went to a party mom." Very sad poem, but gives you a lot to think about.

Read the most uplifting sign you will ever read: | 25 Things That Will Definitely Make You Smile

Funny pictures about She's So Happy For Her Mom. Oh, and cool pics about She's So Happy For Her Mom. Also, She's So Happy For Her Mom photos.

Think before you speak. Sticks and stones may break your or someone else's bones but words can kill

This is just the truth...

to all those bullies out there < you know who you are> why do you even bully? Well you're not going to gain anything from bullying so stop it. Like and resin if you are against bullying.

I cried when I read this. I HATE bullying

The ending really hit me. It's so sad. I'm really crying. It really hurt when I read the ending.( << I legit got tears right now. It's making me cry.<<<<I'm not the kinda person who cries, but this hit me on an emotional level

Peter Pan is my hero

An epic Peter Pan. I love Disney characters at DL I have heard the best stuff about how good they are! <---- Peter Pan at Disney is obviously awesome.

Not sure if the origin, or validity, but I love the story and sentimemt. Bravo young man!

If this were my son I wouldn't be mad at him at all for this. Such a young age and this little boy realizes the better things of the world. Faith in humanity can be restored, and it starts with our children.

Seven Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge: Seven days to a positive mind.

The Seven Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge

As a military brat, how could I not repin this?:')

Aww this is really sweet but it's really bugging me that I can't find the soldier in the picture they did a close up on